About Me

Hi and welcome to my attempt at blogging!!  I am all to often forgetful and/or busy with 3 small children so please bear with me and my inconsistant blogs.  The kids are 18 months apart with my youngest being born on February 25th.  I had home births with all 3 and 2 were water births.  Definitely the way to go (water birth that is)!

I enjoy learning about food, plants, history, life, and people.  I am intrigued by how women have lived throughout history and I try to live a simple life.  It's funny how a simple life and an easy life are completely different.  The simple life sounds so quaint until you try to live it and then you realize it's really a lot of work!  Ironic huh?  Well I guess I have a good mix of convenience and "simplicity". 

So aside from that I'm married to a wonderful man who loves me very much.  I am super lucky! I love my family, camping, smores, books, and movies, and most of all my heavenly father.  I would be lost, alone and hopeless without his love, forgiveness, mercy, and guidence.  Thank you for your Son, and for having a plan for my life.  I pray daily to follow the path you have for me.