Monday, August 9, 2010

For yourself and your children...

Don't we all want to avoid going to the doctor? Don't we want to do everything we can to keep our children healthy? Then educate yourself about the benefits of raw milk. We have been fed a load of crap (by the corporate food industry), about raw milk and I mean that literally.
What is wrong with pasteurization you ask? Well let me initiate your investigation into raw milk vs. pasteurized.

1. Pasteurization alters the structure of the milk itself.
Funny how milk allergies are blowing up across the board. Ever wonder why it seems like everyone has a milk allergy? In milk that is pasteurized and homogenized the lactose sugar is converted to beta-lactose. Beta-lactose, alone, can cause milk allergies.

2. Pasteurization destroys the creaming ability of milk and it destroys the souring bacteria. Pasteurized milk putrifies and raw milk sours (which is good for your body)

3. Pasteurization destroys vitamins C, B6, and B12. Your body can absorb the vitamin C in raw milk but not pasteurized. It also destroys enzymes, antibodies, hormones, and fatty acids (like CLA).

4. Pasteurized milk leads to a variety of problems. Infants do not develop well on pasteurized milk. Even calves who are fed pasteurized milk over their mothers natural raw milk develop poorly and sometimes die. Other problems consist of tooth decay, constipation, allergies, arthritis, cancer and osteoporosis. It can also diminish resistance to disease especially in the young.

5. Pasteurization isn't perfect. Based on the Center for Disease Control's own numbers, raw milk was responsible for 1007 illnesses and 2 deaths between 1998 and 2005. But pasteurized milk outbreaks have over 200,000 cases of illness and over 600 deaths.

This isn't about health though. Not for them. In 2006 the pasteurized milk business was valued at $23.4 billion. Raw milk has been outlawed completely in 15 states! It is legal in 9 and restricted in 26.

With healthcare in question, isn't it wise to take care of your body and your family yourself? Start with switching to raw milk. Not only is it healthier it tastes better! If you are interested locally in Fort Wanye please contact me and I'll get you hooked up. You may also visit