Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh So Yummy Sushi Bowls!!

I love sushi! The 'straight-to-the-brain' effect that too much wasabi can produce can be so very addicting. My cloudy, ginger infused soy sauce mixture just begs for another delicious maki roll to take a quick dip. Oh yeah.
This type of dining however can be a bit expensive. Scott and I can easily spend $50 for the 2 of us a Japanese restaurant (if not more). So here's a way to quench that craving and I can tell you, it's pretty darn near close to being there. Here's what I did:

I like the raw fish rolls and Scott likes the California rolls. This is what you'll need to have on hand. Now if you have to purchase a lot of these items for the first time you might think it's a bit expensive, but you won't have to make these purchases everytime. Trust me that that little tube of wasabi will take you far!

bag of short-med grain white rice
soy sauce
prepared wasabi mix (tubes can be found with the soy sauce)
avocado/cucumber whatever you like in your rolls (I prefer avocado and some california rolls have both)
crab (imitation is used most often, but get what you like)
sesame seeds
tuna steak, or a salmon filet (for you raw fish lovers!)
fresh ginger root (optional)

So there's the list and here's what you do. Cook your rice a little early so you can allow it time to cool. By adding a tablespoon of a sugar/vinegar mix this helps to make your rice more sticky, more sushi like. I personally didn't do this since I was eating it out of a bowl and not rolling it up. If you like the california rolls then just mix your crab meat with some mayo, enough to make it moist but not overpowering. If you're using a raw cut of fish well just cut off how much you like and put the rest back in the freezer. A $4 tuna steak from Kroger will give me 3 sushi bowls. That's not too bad. So now you're ready to assemble!

It doesn't really matter because you'll probably stir it all up anyway but...
we did rice first
then I topped with my raw tuna and Scott his crab/mayo mix
then avocado
sprinkle sesame seeds (you can toast these in a skillet first if you like, I was too hungry to)
and a nice dollop of wasabi
next a generous amount soy sauce
and last but not least I grated fresh ginger over the top of mine (you can also buy the pickled ginger like what they serve there if you like but this works just as well. you can put the gingerroot in a baggie and throw it in your freezer until the next time too!)

So there you have it. Sushi easily made in your own kitchen.

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