Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eating Itinerary 5/11-5/17

I believe many of our health problems today are caused mainly by fungal toxins (a.k.a. mycotoxins). We unknowingly eat a large variety of contaminated food on a daily basis. This diet is about starving the fungus already in our body and limiting how much we take in. It is about replenishing the good flora and bacteria we've lost due to all the antibiotics we take. There are 3 phases to this diet. I will be sharing the 2nd phase because I am a nursing mother. The first phase is more restrictive on your carbs.

Don't misunderstand this diet, it is not just another 'low-carb diet'. Fungus feeds on sugar and carbs and unfortunately much of our grain supply is contaminated by mycotoxins especially corn. Here's what you should start to avoid: corn and all corn products, peanuts/pistachios and all peanut products, yeast, sugar, mushrooms, and cheese (with a few exceptions such as goat).So until then here's what my menu looks like for this week

B- eggs n bacon (uncured and no-sugar)
L- tortillas w/cream cheese, sliced lunch meat, veggies (green onion, lettuce, cucumber...), fruit (strawberries & blueberries)
D-Spaghetti w/Prego Marinara, diced tomatoes, maybe some zucchini, salad w/sunflower seeds, cucumbers, green peppers, and o/v dressing w/Mrs. Dash.

B- frozen fruit shake- 1c. yogurt, 1c. frozen fruit, stevia to taste dash of oj or water. Blend well
L- leftover spaghetti
D- taco salad- ground beef (preferably grass-fed) seasoned with 1-2T. chili powder, 2t. garlic powder, 1t. cumin, 2t. salt, onion powder, cayenne pepper if desired. Add to that rinsed can black beans. mix well with beef. Top lettuce with beef/bean mixture, tomatoes, avocado, black olives, onion/green onion, salsa, sour cream, and toasted flour tortilla crumbs if desired.

B- eggs n sausage
L- sliced ham w/carrots and dip (dip= equal parts sour cream and cream cheese mixed with a combo of Mrs. Dash, garlic powder and salt blend to taste, add 2 tablespoons to cream mixture)
D- homemade meatballs w/fried rice- 1lb ground beef & 1/2lb sausage, 1egg, ground oat flour (made by putting oatmeal in the blender) garlic powder, salt, minced onion, bake 350 40 min. prepare rice as normal. Heat oil in a wok or large skillet (preferably sesame oil) add onion, green peps, whatever veggies, and some scrambled egg. Add rice and meatballs.

B- shake probably
L- leftover rice
D- it's my birthday we're having sushi! (probably 90% legal)

B- eggs n bacon or sausage or both?!
L- leftovers if any or salad
D- something easy, maybe spaghetti, or homemade legal baked beans with sausage

B- shake
L- grill burgers maybe?
D- fend for yourself (ffy)

B- shake
L- out with family
D- tortilla wraps

Snacks- I eat baby carrots with dip non-stop just about, I'll also eat an apple or other fruit, but mostly veggies and dip. For fruit you can only have berries, citrus fruits, and green apples. Also you should really only be drinking water or green tea. I like to buy 2-liters of sparkling water then add some lemon or lime to it. You can also make lemon-ade with real lemons and adding stevia to taste.

Ok so there's the shake down for my house this week. I know there are carbs in my meals but research has found rice and oats to be pretty safe. Also with pasta, the mycotoxins cook out in the water and are lost when the pasta is drained. As for the tortillas, make sure you read your ingredient labels, no yeast, corn, or sugar allowed. You may have to hunt but it's worth it. You may also cut out the carbs entirely for faster results.

Thanks and good luck!

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