Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here's A Rake

So with spring coming in full swing now, I actually went out to tend to my land. Ah yes my land, the ever so large 127x33 sweet piece of land I own downtown. It may not be much but I can definitely call it my own. As I am out with my garden rake ripping up weeds and cultivating the soil I was met with the most amazing aroma. Could dirt smell this good?

My house is the small oasis of color and plant life in my neighborhood. We're not on welfare or food stamps. I have a husband who works and has never been to jail. Our fence isn't sagging (yet), and our yard is clean. So how is it that we, a young couple on one income, with 2 small children, could possibly care about our home? I mean it's pretty obvious that no one else in the neighborhood does.

My children are getting restless. They're telling me it's time to eat. I set the rake aside and look at the blisters that have already formed and broke on my thumbs. The sweet scent that I tilled up is there for everyone. For those who work for it. So here's a rake.

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