Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Change of Life

In the wake of my moms funeral I've spent some time thinking about how I would treat cancer should that happen to me. I decided that the results of both a convential method or a nonconvential method would yield better if my body was in a healthier state to begin with. While I may not have made a definite decision on which method I would choose, I have made the decision to prevent what I can by changing what I eat.

I would like to encourage anyone who has and/or doesn't want any aches and pains, headaches, inflammation, extra weight, stomach problems, skin problems, or anything else to join me in a change of life. This is more than just changing your food, it's making the decision to take your health care into your own hands. I don't want chemo to be my only option because my body is so weak. I've seen one choice and I don't want to die the way my mom did.

I will post my weekly menu along with snack ideas and other treats. I will provide where I am getting my information and if you are interested in doing or knowing more then this will help you.

I, personally, am not doing this for weight loss alone but more for the care of my health. Weight loss will happen regardless. I don't know that my actions won't prevent cancer, but at least I'll know that I tried.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here's A Rake

So with spring coming in full swing now, I actually went out to tend to my land. Ah yes my land, the ever so large 127x33 sweet piece of land I own downtown. It may not be much but I can definitely call it my own. As I am out with my garden rake ripping up weeds and cultivating the soil I was met with the most amazing aroma. Could dirt smell this good?

My house is the small oasis of color and plant life in my neighborhood. We're not on welfare or food stamps. I have a husband who works and has never been to jail. Our fence isn't sagging (yet), and our yard is clean. So how is it that we, a young couple on one income, with 2 small children, could possibly care about our home? I mean it's pretty obvious that no one else in the neighborhood does.

My children are getting restless. They're telling me it's time to eat. I set the rake aside and look at the blisters that have already formed and broke on my thumbs. The sweet scent that I tilled up is there for everyone. For those who work for it. So here's a rake.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For My Mom

I don't know who coined this phrase but I don't ever want to hear it again. Whoever first referred to someone as having "lost their battle to cancer" obviously didn't sit there and watch the fight.

I had front row tickets that I didn't want. For almost 20 years I watched my mom go round and round with this wicked disease, but not for one instant would I ever say she lost her battle. Her cancer is dead, not her. She is still living and her life is even more amazing than she could have ever imagined.

Cancer is like a tangible sin. It's as though the devil himself has reached up from the depths of hell and touched you. While this demon of cancer may slowly suffocate your earthly body, it can never reach your soul or your spirit, not on its own anyway. This is something you have to give up yourself, it can't just come and take it. Though the body may be dying, the spirit thrives and strengthens.

Nancy Reese defeated cancer, that's what's in that box. Not her.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Short/Long Hiatus

Since starting this blog we've moved and my mother has passed away. Between grieving and putting boxes away (with 2 small boys) I just can't find the time to keep current. Hopefully that will be changing soon and I can get the kick start that I desperately need.

So for today here's what I have to say:
At least once a day don't second guess yourself. I know it sounds simple, but you'll find that more often than not we don't follow our first instinct. At least not initially. I suggest you give it a try (especially if spring cleaning) you'll find your decision making process much easier and you'll feel more confident about yourself *plus you'll get rid of WAY more junk than you would have before, if you're first instinct is a 'yes I want this' then keep it. If it isn't than gift or garage sale it. We keep things like there isn't a WalMart/KMart/Meijer/Sams/Goodwill/ect... right down the road.

Anyway best of luck to you and hopefully I'll be back before the month is over!