Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

Super Easy Oatmeal Bars

I usually have these on hand and we eat them for breakfast with some fruit or as an after dinner treat! I use honey instead of sugar and decrease the water to 1/2. They're good both ways and I add different things each time I make them...

1 c. Sugar
2/3 c. Water
1 c. PeanutButter
1 T. Vanilla
5 c. Whole Oats
1 c. Chocolate Chips (or raisins or peanutbutter chips)

Heat in saucepan water, sugar and pb. When sugar disolves cool 3 min and add vanilla. Stir in oats and choc chips. Press into 9x13 pan (I've never had any problems with not greasing it) refrigerate 2hrs. Nice simple recipe, no fat and very tasty! (T=tablespoon)

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